Our Permanent Team

Bernard Collignon, Director, Public Service Management Specialist
A PhD in Hydrogeology and over 30 years’ experience gained working in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. His main areas of expertise are:

- Feasibility studies and project evaluation;
– Restructuring, rationalizing and modernizing public enterprises;
– Designing and implementing service management systems;
– Developing savings and loans systems to finance the service;
– Promoting the use of local private operators

Contact: collignon@urbaconsulting.com

Christine Lagarde, Manager
A graduate of the École Supérieure de Commerce, Christine Lagarde has been responsible for the administrative and financial management of URBACONSULTING ever since its creation, ensuring its work is in line with both the strategies set by the directors and the evolving demand of donors and clients. 
Contact: lagarde@urbaconsulting.com
Audrey Crocker, Consultant, Water, Sanitation and Regional Planning Specialist
Spatial planning and development, Urban network services engineering, Water and sanitation with 5 years of professional experience gained working in Africa, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Key skills:

- Project management and managing local teams;
- Sector evaluation in urban areas (water, sanitation, waste management);
- Spatial planning and development;
- Training and capacity-building of local administrations;
- Management of reconstruction projects;
- Cartography and Geographic Information System (GIS).

Contact: crocker@urbaconsulting.com