Road plan diagram for integrating an informal settlement into the city of Ougadougou
  • Urban upgrading: Improvement of public services, infrastructures and public realm, restructuring, rehabilitation for informal settlements, low-income neighbourhoods, historic and derelict areas.


  • Urban governance: Institutional strengthening, capacity building, business process re-engineering for local authorities and services agencies, especially as part of decentralization processes. Municipal finance. Support to service management and procurement process. Audits.


  • Urban services: Water, sanitation, solid waste, other services management. Needs assessment, performance requirements, programming, masterplanning, private sector participation, PPPs


  • Urban planning: Strategic planning, growth control, town planning: land use, zoning, planning guidelines, urban design. Housing policy, transport strategy, public space strategy, investment plans and support to implementation.


  • Socio-economic and environmental studies: Household surveys, focus groups, social diagnosis, willingness and capacity to pay, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).


  • Social engineering: Consultative and participative processes, beneficiaries’ involvement (tenure issues, resettlement, land regularization, basic services design and management, assisted self-construction).



Image 1: An area of precarious housing in Mauritania
Image 2: Garbage collection in Ghana
Image 3: A slum in Ghana
Image 4: Road plan diagram for integrating an informal settlement into the city of Ougadougou
Images 5 and 6: Consultation to discuss the realization of a study on legal and institutional cooperation mechanisms and approaches for stakeholders and on aspects related to the operation of water supply and sanitation facilities in Benin